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 My name is Kevin Criss I am the Chief Executive Trainer/Owner of Results Sports and Fitness Academy, LLC Results Sports and Fitness Academy. CSULB grad. Husband and father of four children, 3 girls and a boy. Born and raised in the South Bay. For many years, Results Sports and Fitness Academy has been a leader in sports performance and fitness training, since 1984. 

I am an educated, SPARQ Certified, Speed, Strength and Conditioning coach. My main focus is on getting you, the client  RESULTS. We start with SPARQ and performance testing, then we train for Results, and continue to re-test for Results. I am an experts in improving your SPARQ rating. I have trained several SPARQ/Nike Combine All-Americans(Chase Eldredge OT, Robby Franco LB, Todd Huber C, Zack Heberer OG) I have trained over 150 scholarship athletes for division I, I-AA, II, III and NAIA, both boys and girls. I have trained some of the best athletes in Southern California and around the US. I owned Gold's Gym in Long beach CA. (1989-2002). I worked for Student Sports before and after, it became ESPN Rise. I have worked hundreds of Nike/SPARQ combines and Nike Football Training Camps (NFTC). I have done thousands of SPARQ Training Camps. I helped revolutionize the sports performance industry. I have successfully trained over 50,000 athletes in the past 30 years. I take my athletes success personal. My job is to get you RESULTS. I have a well qualified staff of SPARQ Trainers, sports specific skills and position coach's.



 "Safe Aggressive Training Concepts"




PV's #9 Tommy O'Hern flattening his opponents

What is SPARQ Training

SPARQ Training is instructional workouts to teach you how to get  the Results-U-Want in five major areas of training. SPARQ is synonymous with explosive athleticism. SPARQ Stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness – the five elements of athleticism that combine to create explosive athletes. SPARQ is an athletic training company, formed in 2004, By PV's Andy Bark, whose mission is to help competitive athletes at all levels get better and improve their game. To this end, SPARQ developed a system of three interdependent phases – RATE, COMPARE, IMPROVE – that enables athletes to measure their athleticism and set benchmarks, discover their strengths and weaknesses and then target dynamic movement training to elevate their athleticism.
The SPARQ Rating or testing is the first step in the evaluation, then train for Results, continue to re-test. What you can measure, you can improve. The SPARQ Rating is the SAT of Athleticism - a numerical measure or expression of individual athleticism, calculated using the results of a series of tests designed to replicate physical demands relevant to specific sports. The tests that comprise the SPARQ Rating were designed with the help of top-level coaches, trainers and sport scientists who drilled down to the basic physical in-game movements essential to football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and fastpitch athletes and unique to each sport. Far from being a static, one-dimensional number, a SPARQ Rating is a vital multi-dimensional tool. The SPARQ Rating provides a depth of knowledge about athletes unavailable through any other form of athletic testing. And knowledge, as we know, is power. In this case, it is the power to change the game. The SPARQ Rating reveals weaknesses and highlights strengths in athletes, and guides in how to capitalize on the strengths, assess the weaknesses and target training to negate them. Ultimately, the SPARQ Rating will enable trainers, coaches and athletes to elevate athleticism and raise the level of game-day performance.
SPARQ = Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness
The same coaches, trainers and sport scientists who partnered with SPARQ to develop the tests that make up the SPARQ Rating have developed dynamic training programs designed to train movement, not muscle. Use SPARQ Training to master the basic movements of any individual sport, and become a better, more explosive, athlete. The idea is simple. During a game, plays can be broken down into a series of athletic movements – a lunge, a squat, a step, a stop, a change of direction, a jump, a sprint, an acceleration. On the field or court, these movements take place at top speed, and in dizzying directions. There isn't time to think, an athlete's body has to flat out perform. Off the field SPARQ Training has taken these macro movements and broken them down into micro movements – foot placement, knee flex, hip rotation, arm and shoulder positioning. There is meaning in the minutia, when the micro movements become muscle memory, athletic performance is elevated. Train to master these movements, and be prepared to perform at game time. SPARQ Training is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Training demands vary by sport, by position and by the individual athlete's SPARQ Rating. SPARQ knows this and allows you to integrate SPARQ Training into your current programs, customizing them to address gaps in athleticism identified through testing while sustaining and elevating existing athletic strengths. This means the time you spend training is optimized and the RESULTS of that training are maximized.

Nike and SPARQ
Like the best partnerships, Nike and SPARQ interact and inspire each other to create a whole that is better than the sum of it's part. SPARQ brings the science, power and motivation of the RATE, COMPARE, IMPROVE system, including the SPARQ Rating, on-line comparison tools, training programs and innovative training equipment. Nike brings the pinnacle of performance and technology to their training products - apparel and shoes - designed to help you realize your athletic potential and maximize your Results. Results Sports and Fitness, Nike and SPARQ are on a mission to help every athlete become bigger, faster, stronger and more explosive. It's time to train for RESULTS !!!

 "Safe Aggressive Training Concepts"

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