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Prepare to train for RESULTS!!!

The American College of Sports Medicine doesn't recommend losing more than 1-2lbs per week, 500 calories less per day, 250 calorie expedited on exercise, and reducing your calories by 250 less per day. one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, 7 days X 500 calories less = one pound of body fat loss per week, do the math for 2 or 3lbs. of body fat, IT DOESN'T WORK!!!

What happens when you lose weight too fast? You gain it back twice as fast. Your body is like a sponge for calories, especially carbs and fats!!!

WAKE-UP, there is no trick to it, it's all about BODY FAT PERCENTAGE!!! Stop focusing on WEIGHT, it's bull-shit, it's marketing, games, scams that don't work. There is no quick fix.

1. Think for Results (Plan your life, exercise day, eat clean, think positive)

2. Eat for Results (Results Meal Planning)

3. Train for Results start with testing 3DFITSCAN

"Its a Lifestyle"

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